shades of gray


I stopped seeing in colors a long time ago

now it’s more of a gray palette

and everything kind of looks the same

and nothing matters as it used to do


Why do things like this one happens

I think it’s because we’re just silly almost-grown ups

bored of trying and fighting battles that are impossible to win

battles between us and our brains,

between us an the world out there.


The world have always amazed me,

it’s crazy that everything is there

yet nothing is as we think it is.

I read a book a few days ago,

it made me think about it

and about how i actually don’t know

what’s out there anymore

I don’t know anything anymore

or maybe I never did.


And I think I’m empty but not in a bad way

just empty

trying to fill myself with every little thing i cross paths with

maybe some day I’ll find a story

that could make me feel

like i’m no longer empty

like i’m at ease

but for now i’ll just lay here

watching, reading, listening

trying to reach the part of my soul

that i know is still there somewhere

between who i used to be

and who i will be

i just hope for my future me to be ok

to be ok with who i am now




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