“Pero a mí me falta decisión, me falta estar seguro. ¿Usted ha pensado alguna vez en el suicidio? Yo sí. Pero nunca podré. Y eso también es una carencia. Porque yo tengo todo el cuadro mental y moral de suicida, menos la fuerza que se precisa para meterse un tiro en la sien.” ― Mario … Sigue leyendo

still don’t know if i should apologise

take the pain

​18 years later and we still discuss over the same thing. well, not exactly the same thing, it would be stupid for both of us to go back over the same topic for almost two decades. but the essence of the argument is exactly the same: i’m not like you, i’m not like them.

when i was eight, you wanted me to go to ballet “just like every other girl my age”, but i was too busy learning about the nights and the days. at eleven i started playing hockey to please you, but my mind just wanted to find that new song i heard on the radio.

oh god, how much you hated my music. but i believe it’s because you couldn’t understand that feeling. of belonging. of company. of sympathy. of knowing that i wasn’t the only one struggling through life. though you never noticed that.

my teens…

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